Eclipse Phase

Information from Ming
what is Myrmidon

Myrmidon was an AGI component of the US military’s Total Information Tactical Awareness Network. Like the other AGIs in this network, Myrmidon achieved seed AI capability and was later infected by the Exsurgent virus. It is of particular interest to Firewall because some of the hardware from its primary locus, a military satellite in an Earth-Moon Lagrange orbit, was known to have survived the Battle of L4. Myrmidon was recovered by the Yokyai Kong, a Thai-led southeast Asian evac fleet. The Kong hoped to gain an edge in the desperate war against the TITANs by studying it. The hardware, including the storage modules, was taken to the Thai governmentin-exile onboard Vishnukam, the Yokyai Kong’s main habitat, under control of Air Marshal Viprakasit. Before the hardware could be studied, however, it was lost during an infamous incident known as the Oxygen Deck Riots. The Oxygen Deck Riots were a minor but tragic incident sparked by the Thai government’s controversial decision to forcibly upload a significant number of refugees in order to relieve the resource pressures that were threatening the habitat’s functioning and existence. Due to massive overcrowding, the station’s life support systems were in danger of failure and thousands faced starvation and lack of basic amenities. For people who had only just escaped Earth with bodies intact, this was too much. They gladly heeded the call made by a group of hardline Lao Buddhist monks to band together and take action. A flash mob of refugees detained in docked ships cut through the airlocks of the axial docking facility, boarded Vishnukam, and stormed through to occupy the habitat life support facilities. They barricaded themselves in and and demanded the fleet officers abandon the plan. The government responded by sending in troops who slaughtered the protesters. This sparked days of riots and conflict aboard the habitat and refugee ships, fueled by rumors and fears among the refugees that the Air Marshal had ordered them liquidated. Thousands died.

What a Nice Lady
A story of a computer intelligence and the unlucky adventures in her way

Well after a long journey to Io the crew of the [REDACTED] manage to meet up with their resident thief and burglar, Victor Dituri joined by non other than the sometimes magnificent Vladimir Kashchenko, hacker and TITAN killer.

Upon Reaching Io the crew is invited to land on Io and meet with the mysterious Memnosyne Institute. Almost immediately the crew realizes that they have not been invited just for a simple meet and greet. After a few drinks the crew is greeted by non other than Memnosyne her self. Memnosyne simply wants the flash drive that was recovered from the prisoner known only as 102. Dr. Calvert recognizing that his new found friends were in real trouble decided the only course of action was to destroy the flash drive and RUN! doing his best Jedi impression Clouse began cutting through the blast door that closed behind the crew with a monofilament sword. Combat Robots descending on them the crew blast an additional hole ion the door and sprints back to the [Redacted]. they make it.

The crew was shaken but alive escaped, but the last few words of Memnoysne not forgotten. " ill see you soon, it's been an absolute pleasure"

Hard Time
Fa Jing Prison Station

When your on the inside time passes different. do your time, keep your head down, and don't make a fuss. That works in most places but in this prison there is more than just your run of the mill hydrogen extraction work station. between a gang of nameless and faceless thugs and guards that seem to care less about safety than thought to be possible. the rag tag crew of the [redacted] have potentially found something to alleviate there prisoner status. 

First mate Clouse was first to attempt the new technology, recovered from the thug Prisoner 102, having awoken forked into a maintenance bot he explores his surroundings looking for a way to escape. next was Reaper having no idea what happened to the intrepid first mate he "skillfully" attaches the forking patch to himself and takes the form of yet another scorpion repair bot. Not to be out done the illustrious Captian Winfeild "the wild" Crumley undertakes his own attempt at forking only to find himself controling a soda vending machine. all the while Dr. Thomas Calvert (M.D.) looks on in amusement planning a rigorous "rehabilitation" program for the mischievous inmates. 

stay tuned, 

Game Master           

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