Eclipse Phase

Hard Time

Fa Jing Prison Station

When your on the inside time passes different. do your time, keep your head down, and don't make a fuss. That works in most places but in this prison there is more than just your run of the mill hydrogen extraction work station. between a gang of nameless and faceless thugs and guards that seem to care less about safety than thought to be possible. the rag tag crew of the [redacted] have potentially found something to alleviate there prisoner status. 

First mate Clouse was first to attempt the new technology, recovered from the thug Prisoner 102, having awoken forked into a maintenance bot he explores his surroundings looking for a way to escape. next was Reaper having no idea what happened to the intrepid first mate he "skillfully" attaches the forking patch to himself and takes the form of yet another scorpion repair bot. Not to be out done the illustrious Captian Winfeild "the wild" Crumley undertakes his own attempt at forking only to find himself controling a soda vending machine. all the while Dr. Thomas Calvert (M.D.) looks on in amusement planning a rigorous "rehabilitation" program for the mischievous inmates. 

stay tuned, 

Game Master           


GM_Neil GM_Neil

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