Eclipse Phase

What a Nice Lady

A story of a computer intelligence and the unlucky adventures in her way

Well after a long journey to Io the crew of the [REDACTED] manage to meet up with their resident thief and burglar, Victor Dituri joined by non other than the sometimes magnificent Vladimir Kashchenko, hacker and TITAN killer.

Upon Reaching Io the crew is invited to land on Io and meet with the mysterious Memnosyne Institute. Almost immediately the crew realizes that they have not been invited just for a simple meet and greet. After a few drinks the crew is greeted by non other than Memnosyne her self. Memnosyne simply wants the flash drive that was recovered from the prisoner known only as 102. Dr. Calvert recognizing that his new found friends were in real trouble decided the only course of action was to destroy the flash drive and RUN! doing his best Jedi impression Clouse began cutting through the blast door that closed behind the crew with a monofilament sword. Combat Robots descending on them the crew blast an additional hole ion the door and sprints back to the [Redacted]. they make it.

The crew was shaken but alive escaped, but the last few words of Memnoysne not forgotten. " ill see you soon, it's been an absolute pleasure"


GM_Neil GM_Neil

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